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Logimic Light control system of street lighting is a distributed system. Part of our software is running on gateway, part of it in the cloud. Gateways are installed in power switchboards of lighting systems, the cloud infrastructure is a virtual cloud services.

Gateway communicates with lights, controls lights, monitor faults and communicates with cloud. Cloud ensures the data storage, data analysis, fault reporting and fault analysis, maintenance periods notifications and more.

Logimic Light uses the global cloud infrastructure like Amazon Web Services, Google cloud and more. The reason for the concept is a reliability, security and affordability.

Logimic Light uses global cloud infrastructure of Amazon Web Services, Google cloud and more.


Logimic Light is built on Logimic IoT Services which is our IoT layer of Amazon Web Services. These services are designed as serverless which means that the software is not tied to any specific hardware. Besides the on-demand allocation of resources it brings a higher reliability because hardware layer is a shared infrastructure. We do not maintain any local hardware equipment. Instead that we use global providers ensuring 24/7 granted reliability.


Global platforms provide a high degree security of communication, data storage and user accesses.

Our gateways installed in power switchboards of lighting system communicates with cloud via secured and encrypted communication. The communication certificate can be changed anytime e.g. when the gateway is lost.

Logimic Light gateways use secured communication.

The communication between user internet browser and the cloud is secured in similar way. When user downloads any statistics or performance data, controls or programs system these are moments when data has to be secured.


Logimic Light uses global cloud infrastructure in “on-demand” mode. It means that we do not allocate any permanent computing or data sessions when it is not needed.

This allows us to “be green” and mainly to offer our customers a low operation and flexible cost. Besides that our customers can start or stop Logimic Light services anytime with no contract obligations or constraints.

Post Author: Michal Valny