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Logimic Light control system is a distributed system when a part of it is running on a edge computer (gateway) and part in the cloud system.

Gateway edge computer is installed in a power switchboard of lighting system. its main task is to control each particular light, streets or city districts. Besides that the gateway checks failures of lamps, ensures radio communication with lamps, detection of failures, communication with cloud and more tasks.

Gateway works autonomously and independently of internet connectivity. When internet failure occurs the gateway still controls lighting profiles and does all its tasks plus stores cloud data. When internet connectivity restores the gateway sends all stored data to the cloud and the customer do not see any data gaps.

Logimic Light part of software running on the gateway is designed and optimized for the small computers of Raspberry Pi class. This significantly reduces a cost of hardware and whole system.

Logimic Light runs on small computer like Raspberry Pi.

Little village with about 500 lamps uses 4-6 gateways on average, large city then more. One gateway serves up to 239 LED lamps with respect to lamps location. It means that gaps between lamps clumps should not be larger than 200 meters, then the quality of radio signal lowers. In these situations the installation should be divided to more gateways.

Gateways we use

Gateways computers are installed in the power switchboard of the lighting system and satisfy high durability, reliability and IP protection.

That’s why instead of Raspberry Pi we use in our gateways its professional and industrial clones. Logimic Light supports more kind of gateways hardware. We design each particular application by its specific requirements. Below you can find some of our gateways.

Logimic Light supports more kind of gateway hardware.


IQUBE is new product of IQRF Tech company It is based on Orange Pi board with H2 Quad-core Cortex-A7 processor. It is the smallest gateway that we offer for basic lighting applications mainly indoor. Currently we are working on its out-door version.

Aurora Hub

Aurora Hub includes the ARM Cortex-A53 processor. We use the gateway for basic lighting outdoor applications. Currently the production of the gateway has been ended and we replace the model with IQUBE.

Aaeon UP2 gateway

UP2 gateway is built on Intel’s Atom® processors and we use this model for applications requiring higher computing power. Typical application is camera processing tasks when the customer requires the control of lighting by camera outputs.

Outdoor equipment

We deliver our gateways in indoor and outdoor versions. Outdoor version includes IP protective box for installation to power switchboards, external cable and DIN socket.

Gateway includes an external 3G/4G LTE modem as an alternative to LAN internet connectivity.

More about Logimic Light hardware.

Post Author: Michal Valny