29.90 €
gateway / month

Price per 1 gateway.
Gateway manages up to 239 light points.

0.137 € / device / month

Monthly fees

Monthly cost of system operation is billed per gateway. Each gateway connects up to 249 light devices. Because wireless IQRF network uses mesh technology when data transferred from one light point can go through other light points the only limiting factor regarding maximum connected devices is a distance between two light points. It should be up to 200m dependent on environment conditions.

Operation cost per one device is about 0,083 €/monthly.

  • Edge gateway software for autonomous gateway control.
  • Operation and maintenance of the gateway.
  • Cloud services.
  • Includes free updates of cloud application and gateway software.

Gateway can be equipped with 4G LTE modem where LAN/WAN connectivity is not available.

All data are stored on global cloud providers infrastructure. We use Amazon Web services, Google and other for customer data storage.

Operation cost covers any software updates of gateway and control application plus technical support.

New functions and updates are always free of charge.


Gateway hardware is not included in operation cost, We design gateway hardware per customer solution. We support any Linux based computers from Raspberry Pi class to professional gateways like UP2 board and more.

Usual hardware cost is from 150 to 350€ per gateway.

Example of external AuroraHub gateway

Gateway price includes:

  • Out-door gateway (IP65)
  • 4G LTE modem.
  • Power adapter.
  • Kable for power sourcing in power switcher.
  • Software license.
  • 2 years warranty.

Enterprise license

Enterprise licence is for integrators, manufacturer, dealers and other subjects distributing the system to end customers. We offer branding of the system and many other benefits.

  • Unlimited amount of end customers accounts.
  • Management of end customers accounts.
  • Management of end customers data.
  • System branding.

Offer request

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