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Access to the system is possible from any computer with Internet browser.

Supported internet browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera

Access address:

Please use your e-mail address and password.

First login

If you are a new user, please use your e-mail address and temporary password delivered to your mailbox. During first login system will ask you for a change of your temporary password.

logim to smart control of public lighting

After successful change system confirms your new password.

pasword change at Logimic Light

Change of password

A change of your password you do on the home login screen where you click Forgotten password.

Change of password

Then you have to enter your e-mail address where a confirmation code will be delivered and click Continue.

Now check your mailbox and get your confirmation code. Enter the code to proper field, select new password and click Continue.

Now you can start use of your new password.

Post Author: Michal Valny