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Any replacement of hardware parts of street lighting means cost and time demanding operation.

Logimic Light control system of street lighting is coming up with new features reducing maintenance cost and time.

These are Gateway backup, Network backup and Auto provisioning features which helps you to replace or restore any existing gateway with a minimal effort.

Gateway and Network backups

After building of the street lighting system with Automatic commissioning these backups are highly required. Once they are done you can replace your gateway anytime with no additional effort or impact on the system functions.

Gateway backup helps you to store any configuration data of your gateway. It keeps information of assignment lights to streets, assignment of programs and more..

Network backup is IQRF specific function which stores radio network topology. It helps you to restore network with the exactly same topology (devices routing).

Besides these two backups our gateways also perform operational backups. Any operation data are communicated to cloud and stored there. If internet connectivity fails, the data are stored locally on the gateway. Once internet is up the gateway ensures safe delivery of stored data to the cloud. This prevents you from any data loss.

Gateway backup can be stored locally on removable media or in cloud.

Automatic provisioning

Every gateway connected to Logimic Light system has to be verified and has to use secured and encrypted communication.

Automatic provisioning feature ensures that any new Logimic Light gateway connected to internet automatically starts provisioning procedure. This procedure means that gateway talks to cloud which verifies its identity and provides secure certificate for secured and encrypted communication. This all happens within couple of seconds after firs connection to internet.

Fully provisioned gateway is visible in Logimic Light system and can be used as a new gateway or a replacement of any existing one.

LED lamp exchange

Physical exchange of LED lamp means that you either continue with a history of replacing light or you simply add new light alongside the old one. Both ways are acceptable and depend on you preferences.

Both operations can be done via Automatic Commissioning which adds new LED lamp to the system. One you add new LED to the system you can choose whether it is new LED or LED replacing any existing or damaged lamp.

Post Author: Michal Valny