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Logimic Light system for control of street lighting enables an Automatic Commissionning of street lighting. This features significantly reduce a cost of manufacturing, logistic, installation and maintyenance.

If LED lamps are equipped with GPS modules and a passportization of lamp poles has been done, then a following map marking of LED lamps and their pairing with poles numbers is done automatically.

Devices with no GPS

If LED lamps does not have built-in GPS modules the you have to localise them manually. This is not issue at small setups when you have a visual contact with all LED lamps e.g. in small industrial complexes or farms. Right in the web console of Logimic Light you can simply turn on/off each particular lamp, make its visual identification and move a LED marker drag&drop to a proper position over map.


When you have to localise a larger setup of street lighting when you do not have a visual contact with all LED lams the “turn on/off” procedure is very time demanding if impossible.

For the reason and in collaboration with Review Displays Systems Ltd. we developed SensConnect  software providing easy and incremental localisation of large deployments of street lighting.

The software helps operator with a tablet to scan and connect just a particular set of LED lamps in operators vicinity. Operator can directly communicate with them, turn them on/off or send and read any lamp data.

Software displays an available set of LED lamps on the tablet screen, operator verifies each particular lamp by short flash and then moves the lamp marker over map to a proper GPS position. Software also supports indoor applications when operator places lamp markers to a floor plan.

The way described above is very efficient incremental way of an identification of all LED lamps even in large street deployments.

The SensConnect application is delivered with Rugged Tablet RTS-1200 from Aaeon Corp. The hardware is designed for out-door professional use, has a huge construction, big sreen and two batteries. It’s a quite good piece of hardware for localisation tasks.

Post Author: Michal Valny