We use IQRF wireless network working in sub-GHz ISM rádio bands. Network does not require any external infrastructure besides gateway and is based on mesh network, when every node in the network routes data for other nodes.

Information and images are sourced by Iqrf.org

How we connect light point to the network

Connection of light device to a network is possible during manufacturing process or in target destination. The first option requires a higher demand on assembling and logistic process when you have to connect lamps to gateway, make labeling and make your sure that the lamp and gateway are dispatched to right target destination.

Autonetwork at target destination

New way “Autonetwork” designed by IQRF tech and implemented in our application significantly reduces logistic process.

You install light points and gateway in target destination with no prior steps. Then you start the Autonetwork via our control application and all online devices satisfying security requirements are connected to control gateway.

from now the lighting points are online and you can work with them. Is devices are not equipped with GPS locators you have to make their following localisation.

Localisation at target destination

Localisation means that you assign virtual devices to target locations. When you have a larger amount of lights it is very time consuming operation to select them manually via on/off switching.

In collaboration with IQRF Tech and RDS Ltd. we provide SensConenct software enabling peer-to-peer communication of service tablet with target devices via direct scanning.

This technology enables to scan just small amount of devices in your vicinity. Then you can turn on/off these lamps or to send them maintenance commands. This way you can detect positions of lamps.