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Gateway is delivered fully configured, the only thing you have to do is to mount it to the place and connect external power supply ~230V.

Install gateway

Gateway is delivered with plastic box IP 65 for out-door installations. We recommend installations inside power switcher or other infrastructure. Installation requirements:

  • Install gateway vertically. The box is marked with arrow.
  • Equip gateway power cable with proper plug or connect wires to proper switcher. Gateway does not include nay power switch therefore you have to ensure power switching in your infrastructure.
  • Gateway has two antennas, one for IQRF signal the second (white one) for GSM modem. Insituations you have to install gateway into metal boxes please ensure with your supplier an external antenna replacing the IQRF black antenna.
Installation of gateway for smart public lighting.

First start

Gateway is on when power supply is turned on. gateway is fully configured therefore it does not require any other actions. After first start gateway is automatically connected to control application.

Visual check can be performed after cover of box removal. Powered gateway is signalized RED LED on the inner black body of the gateway.

Fully working GSM connection is indicated by LED diod on the white body of GSM antenna. Green flashing color means working GCM connection but blocked SIM. Blue color indicates fully connected and communicating gateway.

outdoor gateway for smart public lighting.

Post Author: Michal Valny