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Here is a simple way how to connect your new lamps of public lighting to your system.

This technique is for users with admin access privileges.

Login to the system which was described here.

Click menu button and select Gateways from left menu.

Now you are redirected to gateways management page. The page is empty when you have no gateway in the system otherwise you can see here a list of them,

Click Add Gateway and insert short identifier into dialog and press OK. The new gateway is inserted to the list of existing gateways. Go to its configuration with preview button.

New gateway does not have any connected devices. The only device displayed as a blue spot in matrix is gateway itself.

Important: Now turn on all lights you want to connect. Please make sure that any other unconnected lights should be turned off.

Now click Autonetwork button and confirm the operation in following dialogue.

Progress of connecting new devices can take a while. It is depending on the amount of lights (1-249).

After finish of Autonetwork you can see connected devices as blue spots in gateway matrix and also as table item below.

Now click Restart and devices are ready for use.

Post Author: Michal Valny