Hardware infrastructure of the system is IQRF DALI Bridge mounted inside lamp and out-door gateway computer mounted inside power source box or to lamp pole or elsewhere. IQRF DALI bridge and gateway are connected within IQRF wireless mesh network.


IQRF DALI Bridge is a product of IQRF Tech s.r.o. company. This device manages LED light modules via DALI protocol. Module is bonded to IQRF wireless network and has to be mounted inside of lamps.

External gateway

Gateway connects up to 239 light points within one IQRF mesh network. Gateway is mounted into power distributor case or to the light pole. Power source has to be ensured.

Gateway is connected to internet via 4G LTE modem, alternatively can be connected via LAN cable to local internet sources e.g. inside building. Gateway does not require any maintenance, all software updates and maintenance is done remotely and wirelesly.

More about gateway

Logimic Light control system is a distributed system when a part of it is running on a edge computer (gateway)
Gateway is delivered fully configured, the only thing you have to do is to mount it to the place and

IQRF wireless network

We use IQRF wireless network working in sub-GHz ISM rádio bands. Network does not require any external infrastructure besides gateway and is based on mesh network, when every node in the network routes data for other nodes.

Information and images are sourced by Iqrf.org