User approach system via web portal with internet browser on any local device like PC, tablet. System provides quick status of lighting locations and failure indications.

Lighting point

Every lighting point has its own card where user can manage the point. Turn on/off, program on/off and more. User can also enter any position, mounting and performance data.


Lighting points can be gathered into locations. Location is a zone e.g. street, part of city, industrial complex and others. All devices assigned to a location can be managed via location commands.

Location also shows a map with highlighted lighting points.


Every location can be assigned program to. The program is a change of lighting intensity in time, e.g. during night hours can be lower.

Programming of lighting profile can be done via simple table, where every change of the program is represented with a timestamp and proper system command.


System shows a light statistics for entire location or locations and for particular lighting nodes as well.

How to start

We are introducing new Automatic Commissioning feature of Logimic Light street lighting control system. The feature significantly reduces the cost
It's been many years back when huge street lamps with electrical halogen bulbs or later on sodium bulbs decorated our
Together with Qelpro company, manufacturer of LED street lamps, we delivered and installed our system in Jirkov city in west
location is city, part of city, street, park or industrial complex. When you assign lights to zones you can manage
Here is a simple way how to connect your new lamps of public lighting to your system. This technique is
Access to the system is possible from any computer with Internet browser. Supported internet browsers: ChromeFirefoxOpera Access address: Please