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We are introducing new Automatic Commissioning feature of Logimic Light street lighting control system. The feature significantly reduces the cost of installation, assembling logistic and deployment processes.

Automatic commissioning reduces cost of installation, assembling, logistic and deployment processes.

Automatic commissioning connects LED lamps to their gateways via mesh wireless network after their installation in target locations.

The process is controlled via web interface of Logimic Light and can be done remotely. Few clicks and after couple of seconds or minutes (depending on the number of lights on the gateway) the system is fully working and can be demonstrated to the customer. A short demo is here.

Benefits of automatic commissioning

You do not have to pair gateways with their LED lamps during assembling which reduces installation process cost.

This also means that you can dispatch any gateway or LED lamp from your store to a final destination with no upfront information about their exact location of installation. This simplifies your logistic processes.

Remote control ensures commissioning via Logimic Light console either right at the place or remotely from your home or office. This is important when the installation of hardware is done by third party company or you can not make the auto-commissioning right after the installation.

The speed of commissioning and optimal network topology are another significant benefits. Optimal mesh network topology with respect to local conditions like LED lamps locations, noising, signal power etc. helps you to reduce maintenance cost and potential fails of LED spots.

Automatic commissioning means quick automatic building of wireless network with optimal topology.


Right after hardware installation of LED lamps and before automatic commissioning LEDs are working as standard lights. You can turn them on/off via power switch.

Radio IQRF DALI bridges are waiting for commissioning commands from the gateway. The gateway uses encrypted communication with an access password which is generated by LED lamps provider, integrator or any other authority providing automatic commissioning. The access password on IQRF DALI bridges is securely stored and cannot be abused.

Automatic commissioning communication is encrypted.

If you would like to know more please send us a message.

Post Author: Michal Valny