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location is city, part of city, street, park or industrial complex. When you assign lights to zones you can manage them via zone command e.g. manual on/off, program control and more.

This operation is for users with administrator access.

Login to the system as described here and select in left pop-up menu Locations item.

this brings you to the list of yours locations. You can see here Unassigned devices including all devices not assigned yet. Typically lights after autonetworking to gateway.

Click Add Location and enter identifier and address of the zone. After confirmation the zone is visible in the list of locations.

Now assign device to some location. Simply select devices in the table Unassigned devices and click Assign button.

In next dialog select proper zone and click OK.

System moves devices from unassigned list to the zone.

If your devices are online you can see an indication of the status at the zone. Clicking view button you can enter the location and see assigned devices.

Post Author: Michal Valny