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It’s been many years back when huge street lamps with electrical halogen bulbs or later on sodium bulbs decorated our streets and the only automation was the power on/off command from a clock or better then from dusk sensor. In that time the individual adjustment of lamp light has was difficult and had to be done as our picture shows.

Street lighting is a part of our living environment and we all can take care of a proper devices selection, installation and operation behavior. If the street lamp pole is installed near your window you might be unpleasantly disturbed by its light. Solving such issue can be often tough.

With Logimic Light you can simply adjust the light intensity of this particular LED lamp. And of course not the mechanical way.

Our street lighting smart software enables programmatic changes of light profile, remote control and many other features. With Logimic Light system the permanent change of LED intensity takes just a few clicks on tablet screen.

You simply open Logimic Light console on your tablet and even during night reduce the intensity of the light. It is possible by either the changing of light scaling if your lamps support the feature or by definition of new lighting program for this particular particular lamp. Simply remove the lamp from the street location, create new location and assign there the lamp and a new programme with lover lighting levels.

In both ways the lamp executes the same night lighting profile but with less intensity of light. With Logimic Light don’t be afraid to ask your street maintenance staff to make any lamp light adjustment.

Post Author: Michal Valny