Smart street lighting control for cities and villages

Logimic Light is a Smart Street Lighting platform for automatic control of your street lighting. You can use it for control of LED lamps in streets, parks, sports and industrial complexes. You can simply and remotely manage your lights or use automatic program for control of light profile. From your home you can control your light system like you are used to managing your TV set, smart home or garden devices.

IQRF wireless network

Light points are connected within wireless IQRF mesh network when each light point is connected to control gateway via other light points. This ensures reliable connectivity up to 10km.

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Autonomous control

Control program is executed by control computer - gateway, which executes control program with no dependency on internet or cloud connectivity.

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Simple control app

With Internet browser you can access to control application at any device. You can change light program, manually control lights or check data and statistics.

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Global infrastructure

Any performance data and statistics are stored on global cloud infrastructure at Amazon Web Services or Google. Data are accessible from control application.

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Building IQRF wireless network can be done anytime at target installation directly from control application. You do not have to make labeling or maintain databases of positions.

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Localisation & Maintenance

Make quick localisation via peer-to-peer communication between your tablet and lights in your near vicinity. You can localise lights, perform maintenance tasks and more.

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No start cost

You do not have to invest to your software development or buy licenses. We create you an account and connect your lighting system.

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Low operational costs

We bill monthly fee per gateway with no respect to a number of lights connected to the gateway.

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Free updates

New features you are always getting free of charge. We do not bill any updates, we simply update you.

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System branding

We enable branding of the system. You can run it on your own domain under your company logos.

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No manual interaction with devices, no visiting power switchboard. Everything is managable via internet, remotely and via touch of screen.

Energy savings

Thanks to night programs you can achieve a significant energy saving. Let open-air lamps light when it is needed.

Automatic surveillance

No manual check of each lamp. System automatically detects failures, maintenance periods and notifies user via e-mail alerts and reports.

Data and statistics

Measured data shows a real behavior and power consumption of the system. You can nter any user data to each device.

How to start

We prepare for you preliminary offer and provide you with free testing period of full system features with your LED lamps.

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